The lighthouse keeper's son

John James Turpin’s memories of growing up in occupied Jersey at La Corbière lighthouse. Born in 1930. Chapter 1 My father was a full time naval man. Having served before the First World War up until the late twenties, he joined the lighthouse service. He was then in a position to bring his family to the lighthouse cottage which consisted of my mother, my two brothers, my sister and of course myself. [Read More]


Debugger crib sheet

Adding debug symbols gcc -g hello.c gdb a.out # Run program run # Run and immediately break start # View code at current break point list # Break main b main # Break at line 9 b 9 TUI mode - text user interface Type ctrl-X A ctrl L - repaint ctrl X2 - multiple windows ctrl X2 - view registers tui reg float - view floating registers ctrl x 1 - source code view ctrl p/n - command history Python interpreter built in (since version 7) import os print(os. [Read More]

Big data

A consolidated list of sources

Sources of big data Big data communities and platforms Kaggle Statista Data World Data Hub AWS open data Google public data Crime Internet Reddit datasets Government Mathematics I got 717 problems… Project Euler problems Health 1000 Genomes project USDA food composition Business https://www. [Read More]

Miso-seaweed bread

Quantities and general technique

Ingredients Proportion Ingredient grammes 100% Shipton Mill white organic bread flour 500 65% Evian mineral water 325 10% Sanchi Hatcho Miso 50 5% Fresh yeast 25 2% Billington’s Organic Golden Granulated 10 2% Poppy seeds 10 2% Sussex Gold extra virgin rapeseed oil 10 0.5% Dried seaweed 2.5 You can replace the miso with 2% Pro Fusion Himalayan Rose Pink salt. [Read More]

Learning circular breathing

On the didgeridoo

I’ve been playing for a few months so it’s time to give something back. I gave myself a month to learn circular breathing. You need to immerse yourself in the culture and practice: go into a YouTube flat spin. Commit to 20 minutes a day, no excuses. And it’s difficult. The first few weeks you’ll be building up the muscles you haven’t used before and it’s very hard to measure progression. [Read More]


Linux without running a VM

Work demands that I run a Windows 10 laptop but I no longer run a Linux VM on the side. Apart from some slightly esoteric networky stuff like tcpdump WSL does it all and it feels like a native shell. Windows key > “features” Enable “Windows Subsystem for Linux” Probably restart Windows key > store Install Ubuntu 20 And you’re away! A very strange problem encountered in Kali on WSL: if sleep doesn’t work you might get really bizarre libc6 errors whilst installing packages. [Read More]

Android Repo

Managing project dependencies

There are lots of tutorials on how to initialise a repo but then what? The basics work quite well and use multiple processors to sync dependencies but I’ve yet to get to grips with doing a basic commit! It feels like you should be able to do an atomic commit across multiple repos but the curses interface goes all weird and I gave up for now. It’s also really annoying searching for information on something called “repo”! [Read More]

git submodules

Managing project dependencies

Are they really that bad? [Spoiler alert: yep, worse than you can imagine.] Adding submodules Clone an existing repo and update the submodules - note the hashes against folders in the repo. git submodule init git submodule update Add a new submodule by HTTPS. $ git submodule add Cloning into '/home/deant/deps-submodules/dft'... remote: Enumerating objects: 1417, done. remote: Total 1417 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 1417 Receiving objects: 100% (1417/1417), 17. [Read More]