The standard mark The fineness of the material, purity measured in parts per 1000. Purity Gold Silver 375 X 585 X 750 X 800 X 916 X 925 X 958 X 990 X 999 X X References https://en. [Read More]

Mobile phone repair tips

Tips by SR, renowned horologist and raconteur. Website. ‘Ifixit’. Very good. Tools. Good set of small torx drivers. A tip. When taking phones apart stick the screws into a slab of blutak in the appropriate pattern. Get decent spudgers. You’ll find that when you buy screens, they will often come with piles of tools and suckers for pulling the screens off a phone. Tip. To soften screen adhesive, use a hairdryer with the flat nozel on. [Read More]


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Visual Studio

The go-to for Windows development and is pretty slick. Has the awesome “Edit and Continue”.

Visual Studio Code

The free version of Studio and has many of the features of its elder sibling.


Obviously specialising in Python, essential for any slight serious Python dev.

Qt Developer

Actually pretty cool despite my aversion to becoming dependent on 3rd-party frameworks.


Linux option which feels pretty bad!


In Python

Godbolt does Python! (And lots of other languages…) Python import cmath # Calculate if each point in an x-y plane "escapes" the shape for y in range(-10, 10): for x in range(-40, +40): # Initialise the calculation z = 0 # Create a complex number based on current coordinates # Note the fudge factor of 2 because characters are taller than high c = complex(x / 20.0, y / 10.0) # Check if calculation remains bounded (stays on the page) for _ in range(30): # THE IMPORTANT BIT! [Read More]


Call frames

  • Parameters passed to the function
  • Local variables of the function
  • A snapshot of registers to use and restore
  • A return address
  • A frame pointer (for debugging)




  • Not supported since 2015


  • 5.12.1 LTS
  • 5.15 LTS


  • Released 8 December 2020

Brighton restaurants 2021

Recently visited £ Goemon (ramen) The Vital Ingredient (Carribean) – 24/09/21 Aji Sushi – 27/09/21 ££ Halisco (Mexican) – 21/09/21 £££ atTEN (small plates) – 22/09/21 ££££ Terre à Terre (long-running vegetarian restaurant) – 23/09/21 Burnt Orange (small plates) – 27/08/21 Coalshed (steaks) – 02/09/21 Saltroom – 25/12/21 Would like to revisit Naninella (Neapolitan Pizzeria) Etch (fine dining by Masterchef winner) Bincho (Japanese Yakitori skewers) The Market The Flint House Little Fish Market Block The Ivy 64 Degrees (fine dining by acclaimed chef Michael Bremner) Murmur (seafront fine dining, 64 Degrees sister restaurant) Lucky Khao (Thai) Shelter Hall Haven’t been but would like to! [Read More]