Analyse Covid-19 and save the World. See Kaggle’s covid challenges and fetch daily data from Pomber on GitHub (e.g., these Bokeh graphs.

“Make good use of all that commuting money you’re not spending,” said HarryB.

Run your projects in a Google Cloud instance or spend it on a VPN.


The finance industry offers a great source of data to wrangle and also the promise of making some of it (money I mean). See Crypto Compare.


Write a tool to stress your cores and make a pattern. Perhaps a video?

Learn Blender

You can get stuff done with SketchUp but just cut to the chase and learn Blender. It’s a really steep learning curve but one day you’ll have to build something and it will be invaluable. See a short film made with Blender.

It’s complicated…

Listen to “Understanding Complexity” by Scott E. Page to whet your appetite. See various complexity-based projects.

Big data

It’s not going away and it’s only getting bigger. See a consolidated list of sources.

Write an open letter to your younger developer yourself

“If I’d known then all the things I know now…” - see mine.


  • Tone generator (WAV processing is great to get back to basics)
  • Write your own DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform)
  • Generative music maker
  • Speech analysis


How do you even run code on your GPU?

Advert of code

A coding problem to solve every day of December.

Document everything you know

It’s a mammoth undertaking and you’ll never finish but you have to start.


Even if it’s showing somebody how to use Excel (which can be impenetrable if you’re not from a techie industry).

Zip it

A multi-threaded zip tool.

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