Duration of stories

How long is an epic?

  • Theme - multi-year
  • Epic - 6 months to 1 year
  • Feature - One quarter or less
  • Story - One Sprint or less

Example compexities


  • Single line change in script/config file


  • Single line change in compiled code
  • Add an if statement around existing code


  • Update a single function
  • Remove commented code from a whole file


  • Remove redundant code from a whole file


  • Establish network connection between two objects using existing middleware
  • Align third-party dependencies between projects


  • Consider breaking down the task



Roles dev team product owner scrum master Sprint zero Trial run. Product backlog The product backlog is a living artefact, higher ranked items should be more refined. It is a placeholder for a conversation. Each refined story in the sprint must have a weight/complexity for planning purposes. These estimates must be done by the people actually doing the work. They should also have a business value and the product owner must share a clear objective/vision for the forthcoming sprint. [Read More]

You can't always want what you get


Nobody ever stopped for anybody but themselves; quitting must be as selfish as the act itself. I’m a simple man, cut from simple cloth. But in a really snazzy pattern. Bisque in the eye: is there a more middle class injury? I cannot be bought! However, my signing hand has had one hell of a day and does enjoy a nice Chianti. I think my work-life balance is fine. I just need to trick somebody into doing some of this damn work so I can go surfing. [Read More]