See the complete list, What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory and Grace Hopper explaining the nanosecond. Technology,Gigabits/s,Category USB 1.1,0.012,Peripheral ADSL2+,0.024,Broadband HSPA+,0.042,Mobile Bluetooth 5.0,0.05,Wireless LTE,0.173,Mobile DOCSIS 3.0 (Virgin fibre),0.216,Broadband VME64 32-64bit,0.4,Bus USB 2.0,0.48,Peripheral 1 Gb Ethernet,1,LAN SATA revision 1.0,1.5,Storage FireWire 1600,1.573,Peripheral DOCSIS 31,2,Broadband SATA revision 2.0,3,Storage FireWire 3200,3.1457,Peripheral PCI Express 2.0,5,Bus USB 3.0,5,Peripheral 6G-SDI (SMPTE 2081),5.94,Peripheral SATA revision 3.0,6,Storage SDHC/SDXC/SDUC (SD Express),7.9,Storage PCI Express 3.0,8,Bus HDMI 1.3,8.16,Video Thunderbolt,10,Peripheral 10 Gb Ethernet,10,LAN USB 3. [Read More]