Complicated versus complex

Complexity projects Game of Life Social distancing Crowd simuilation Building evacuation SIR (epidemiology) A complex system has Interdependence Connectedness Diversity Adaptation and learning Wolfram behaviours Stables Periodic Chaotic Complex (high info content) Misc Exploration versus exploitation Highest peak On dancing landscape you can never stop exploring Emergence Complexity is an emergent property Stasis encourages exploration and vice versa Slime mold breaking symmetry Bottom up and top down emergence Power law distribution Long tail Weekly emerging, strongly emerging (never figure out) Preferential attachment model Agent-based models Fires in crouded buildings Epidemics Netlogo Good science and agent based models must simplify (abstract) Feedback and externality Feedback is affecting the same action. [Read More]


The conventional wisdom when to use a linked list over contiguous storage hasn’t applied for years: you have to test. If everything is in a cache a vector might outperform a linked list for insertion. Algorithm patterns Brute Force Divide and Conquer Decrease and Conquer The Greedy Method Dynamic Programming Backtracking Branch and Bound Hill Climbing Particle Swarm Optimisation Las Vegas Monte Carlo Reduction (Transformation) Preprocessing See algorithm patterns. [Read More]