Complicated versus complex

Complexity projects Game of Life Social distancing Crowd simulation Building evacuation SIR (epidemiology) A complex system has __A__daptation and learning __C__onnectedness __I__nterdependence __D__iversity Wolfram behaviours Stables Periodic Chaotic Complex (high info content) Misc Exploration versus exploitation Highest peak On a dancing landscape you can never stop exploring Black swan Emergence Complexity is an emergent property Stasis encourages exploration and vice versa Slime mold breaking symmetry Bottom-up and top-down emergence Power law distribution Long tail Weekly emerging, strongly emerging (never figure out) Preferential attachment model Agent-based models Fires in crowded buildings Epidemics Netlogo Good science and agent based models must simplify (abstract) Feedback and externality Feedback is affecting the same action. [Read More]


The conventional wisdom for when to use a linked list over contiguous storage hasn’t applied for years: you have to test. If everything is in a cache, a vector might outperform a linked list for insertion. Algorithm patterns Brute Force Divide and Conquer Karatsuba‚Äôs Integer Multiplication – it is possible to perform multiplication of large numbers in (many) fewer operations than the usual brute-force technique of “long multiplication.” As discovered by Karatsuba (Karatsuba and Ofman 1962). [Read More]