Growing mangos

In the UK

Mangos are notoriously difficult to grow in non-tropical climates – Kew Gardens has managed one fruit in twenty years – but nevertheless I took five scraped pips and planted them above and slightly below the surface of a compost/manure mix. They were then covered with cling film and left in the warm. After approximately four weeks one of the pips planted beneath the soil sprouted.


Pots and raised beds

Growing in pots Mint Broad beans Basil Oregano Peppers (chilli and snack) Tomato Rosemary Blackcurrent Watering If the top surface of the soil looks dark then it doesn’t need watering. Otherwise stick your finger in the soil. Soil Soil and compost should be 50:50 Fork every few days to aerate Best soil mixure Equal parts Vermiculite Pete moss Mixture of composts Raised beds Good Herbs good, no need to crop rotate Rosemary, marjoram and lavender good for attracting pollinating insects Onions don’t like drying out nor crowding from weeds Potatoes work in raised beds but easier in bags (tip the used bags into the raised beds for the following year. [Read More]