Create a Twitter bot

Using twurl and Google Cloud

Prerequisites: a Twitter account, moderate command line and Google Cloud experience. Time to complete: a couple of hours. Alternatively you might consider GitLab hosting. Developer account Apply for a Twitter dev account, create an app and make a note of the two API keys. Keep them to yourself. Google Cloud hosting Create the smallest (and cheapest) Linux instance on Google Cloud. Installation Connect to your instance and install the essentials. [Read More]

Ghost blog

Install Ghost in a Google Cloud instance

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of the Linux command line, domain names and DNS. Time to complete: one hour. Google Cloud actually offer pre-built Ghost images but unfortunately they deploy a woefully antique revision. So I built my own using Ghost’s GitHub instructions as a reference. Before we proceed it must be remembered that if you’re hosting it yourself you are in control of the backups. You can casually delete entire VMs in as few as three slipshod strikes of the mouse button. [Read More]