Southern Vietnamese

Resources and vocabulary

References Vietnamese typography Vietnamese phonology - see comparison of initials Slang chời ơi - Oh man biết chết liền - know die immediately hên xui - bad luck (said when dealing with uncertainty: you don’t know if I did well in that exam) bó tay - give up (I/you give up, lost cause) cũng thường thôi - it’s OK Magic words Buồn Sad Ticklish Feel like [doing] something Feel like… cười - to laugh buồn cười - funny ngủ - to sleep buồn ngủ - sleepy nôn - to be sick buồn nôn - nauseous tè - to pee buồn tè - bursting (for a pee) ị - to poop buồn ị - bursting (for a poop) Single letter words See TVO [Read More]

Courses and books

That have piqued my interest

Book books (made of actual paper) C++ High Performance: Master the art of optimizing the functioning of your C++ code, 2nd Edition C++ Templates: The Complete Guide Learn Chess Tactics – John Nunn Amo, Amas, Amat … and All That – Harry Mount Seriously Curious: 109 facts and figures to turn your world upside down Paperback – Tom Standage Audiobooks Viruses, Plagues, and History: Past, Present, and Future – Michael B. [Read More]