Modern C++ migration

Welcome to the std::promised land

Auto Type inference is a game changer. Essentially you can simplify complicated (or unknown) type declarations with auto. But it can be a balance of convenience over readability. int x1 = 5; // Explicit auto x2 = 5; // What's the underlying type? std::vector<std::string> moon = {"Don't", "look", "at", "the", "finger"}; auto finger = moon.front(); And there are a few perfectly valid gotchas. Let’s create a variable and a reference to it, updating y2 (below) also updates y1 as expected. [Read More]

Subversion to git migration

Equivalent commands Commit and push to server svn commit -m 'blah' git commit -m 'blah' git push Checkout svn checkout <repo> git clone <repo> Offline working This doesn’t exist in Subversion. Unless you’re running your server locally. git still allows you full config control (bar pushing to GitHub) without a connection. Which is essential on the train where I do my best work. I think many colleagues would argue that they always dev at their desk so this is irrelevant. [Read More]