Travis CI

Configuration for C++, Python, R, bash and Graphviz

Note: my use of Travis CI has been superseded by GitLab which has all this built in. In fact this blog is generated by GitLab. Create an account with your GitHub login and enable a repo to get started. (Travis Pro appears to enable new repos by default.) Simple C++11 compilations If you just want to get something building quickly the default Trusty build has clang 5 pre-installed, no need for complicated matrices. [Read More]


Currency price analysis in R

Market data via the CryptoCompare API and prices fetched in parallel using make. See the source. TURBO token is a fictional currency created to illustrate how much a normal distribution of random numbers can look like a real currency. The red markers highlight when the latest price has dropped by a significant amount: a number of standard deviations. A “2% over a day” line is projected out from the final price to indicate if there’s enough activity to achieve the target yield. [Read More]