The lighthouse keeper's son

John James Turpin’s memories of growing up in occupied Jersey at La Corbière lighthouse. Born in 1930. Chapter 1 My father was a full time naval man. Having served before the First World War up until the late twenties, he joined the lighthouse service. He was then in a position to bring his family to the lighthouse cottage which consisted of my mother, my two brothers, my sister and of course myself. [Read More]

Dog Child

I wonder if having a child is like owning a dog.

At some oftentimes unexpected juncture you’re handed a helpless bundle of joy. And into him you pour all your waking hours, love and encouragement. And you develop a unique bond that can never be broken. Until he grows much larger and stronger than you, and financially independent and then removes his own lead and moves into a new kennel with another dog who he’d rather spend his time with. Sure, he calls you occasionally and then when you can no longer look after yourself he puts you in a home with the other old parents that you pay for out of your savings. [Read More]